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iChoosr is the driving force behind collective switching schemes in The Netherlands and Belgium and now also in the UK. A way of collectively purchasing products or services under your own label. A unique business model in which auctions lead to the best group purchases. Together with community leaders we put interested consumers in touch with suppliers who make the best offer, and over 900.000 people have joined so far. 

  • Are you interested in providing an additional service to your members or customers as a community leader (council, association, company or organisation)? You can, by organising a collective switching scheme. We can do this together with you, under your own label. How?
  • Are you interested in extending your customer base as a supplier? We can give you access to a new, loyal customer group which is activated by the community leader, at a relatively low marketing cost. How?
  • Are you interested in saving money as a consumer and making a choice without the hassle? Then participate in a collective switching scheme because together you’re stronger than alone. We make sure that switching to a new supplier is easy. Want to participate?

We organise and facilitate every step of the process. More about us